4Play’s goal as part of its vision, to become a platform and a stage for artists and creators in the music field and video-art from all styles.

Our will is to make creations and new creators more accessible for business owners who look for new, high-quality and special contents.

As creators ourselves we felt exactly like you how hard it was to be published and receive recognition for our creations.

At some point we almost gave up being rewarded for them, since there’s no money in it.
We do it with love, and love has no price, and where the heck are we going to find someone who will pay us for our art?

We’ve created 4Artist program to give artists the opportunity to be heard, get the publicity they seek, be valued and yes, be rewarded for that also. In addition, for businesses seeking high-quality contents which they can’t reach out anywhere else.

It’s important for us to get clear that 4Artist program is non-profitable. Our only profit is watching a good creation thrive, prosper and fruitful.
4Play invites every artist with musical creations or video-arts to submit a membership request in our 4Artist program.

For additional details, please leave your contact information and we’ll be in touch.

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